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Attics tend to be dark, stuffy and humid-the ideal environment for mold growth. Unfortunately, mold in your attic can make its way to every corner of your home. Don't wait for the problem to spread, call Buckeye Advanced Remediation, LLC of Shaker Heights, Bedford Heights and Strongsville, OH for attic mold removal.

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What caused mold to grow in your attic?

Part of successful attic mold remediation is correcting the situation that led to mold growth in the first place. The source of mold is usually...

  • Excessive moisture: Mold needs moisture to thrive. A leaky roof and high humidity welcome mold.
  • Too much dust: Believe it or not, mold feeds on dust. A damp, dusty environment is perfect for mold.
  • Poor ventilation: Dust and humidity can both be eliminated with proper ventilation. Without it, your attic can turn into a mold factory.

Are leaky skylights causing your mold troubles? We can handle that, too.

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